We are Startech

Startech Software’s TotalEclipseproduct is a fully featured single-database Claims Management and Medical Bill Review web-based application. Representing the culmination of over two years of development and testing, TotalEclipse is designed by real Claims Adjusters, Bill Reviewers, and Administration Managers who use this mission-critical software to do their jobs every day.

Many companies develop their software with the user in mind. TotalEclipse is developed with our users involved. The result is an application designed around real-world workflow with a strong focus on making easily available the information most often needed on the job.

Eclipse offers the specific processing power, functionality and reporting capabilities you need to maximize productivity while controlling costs.

Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Available as a single package, TotalEclipse can also be used solely for either Bill Review or Claims Management. These breakout versions include Solar Eclipse for claims administration and Lunar Eclipse for medical bill review. Both include all of the same fully integrated technologies as TotalEclipse, and are designed to give your business, and your customers, the edge in a competitive market.

Industries we serve

The RMIS application – Eclipse – offers an integrated approach to claims management and medical cost containment, and is designed to meet the needs of the following markets:

  • Insurance Companies
  • Bill Review Companies
  • Third Party Administrators
  • Self-Insured, Self-Administered Entities
  • Managed Care Companies

Strategic Partnerships

Embedded technology by:

Business Rules processing by FICO Blaze Advisor™

Ad-Hoc reporting by LogiXML™

Reporting by Business Objects Crystal Reports™

Dashboards by Fusion Charts™

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